Provence & Victorian styles

          Provence is translated from French as a"province". The style of Provence (French Country) originates from the region of the same name, located in the south of France. And before describing this style, it will be fair to tell a little about his homeland.
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          Provence is a boundless alpine meadow, quaint mountain landscapes, lavender fields, mild climate, gentle sun, fragrant herbs, Cote d`Azur, warm Mediterranean Sea, excellent cuisine and famous French wine. There is a special atmosphere here that you will not find in any other corner of the earth. The style of Provence is designed to reproduce the spirit  of this truly heavenly place.
         Since the style of Provence is a kind of Country (rural style), it`s based on simplicity and naturalness. At the same time from the French style, he got a little vintage "workmanship".

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      Victorian style originates in England during the reign of Queen Victoria (XIX century). The industrial revolution that occurred at that time led to a rapid growth of the bourgeoisie. Rich people tried every way to emphasize their new position, surrounding themselves with status goods and luxury items.

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           Victorian style has absored many stylistic trends: Gothic, Baroque, Classicism and some others. Being in fact, a royal style, he has a number of characteristics: luxurious decor, expensive fabrics, lush floral, curved ornate lines, lace trim, an abudance of carvings and gilding.

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